Seungwon Park (박승원)

  • E-mail: yyyyy (at) snu (dot) ac (dot) kr
    • Why so many ‘y’s? – I love to ask why (pronounced like ‘y’) something happens!
  • Webpage:
  • GitHub: seungwonpark

Education / Work


Disclaimer: None of those are published.​

  1. SCP Artificial Muscle로 작동하는 Antagonistic Robot Arm의 Feedback 제어 2015, [김형주, 박승원, Luong Anh Tuan, 문형필]
    • Precise feedback control of SCP Artificial Muscle introduced by Haines et al.(2014)
    • 22th Samsung Humantech Paper Award – Silver Prize
  2. Feedback Control of Forces Air-Cooling Speed for Prevention of SCP’s Overheating 2016, [박승원, 오정현]
    • One of the first attempts to feedback control the SCP’s cooling speed
    • GSHS best research award on physics

Honors and Awards

  • Physics
    • IPhO – South Korean team candidate 2016
    • Passed all 5 BS-level tests on Physics Certification Exam throughly in high school 2014 – 2016
      • Operated by The Korean Physical Society
      • Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetics, Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamic & Statistical physics, Optics
      • 물리인증제 물리마스터 – 고전역학, 전자기학, 양자역학, 열및통계, 광학
  • Competitive Programming
  • Scholarship
    • 대통령과학장학금 2017 – now
      • Presidential scholarship on science
    • 한성 노벨 영수재 장학생 2015 – 2016

Open Source Contribution

  • GSHS TeX Society
    • Server Admin (Jekyll, PHP, CentOS)
    • Developer, Educator (LaTeX)
  • Other miscellaneous projects are shown in my GitHub profile.
    • Specialist: LaTeX, Python
    • Novice: C++

Extracurricular Activities

Computer Skills

  • Highly experienced in LaTeX typesetting / educating
  • Familiar with *nix utilities, GitHub
  • Proficient in Python
    • Deep Learning(PyTorch, TF), Algorithm, Scientific calculation, Work automation, etc.
  • Simple skills on Web Development (HTML, PHP, Jekyll)
    • Highly experienced in web crawling


  • Languages: English (fluent), Korean (native)
  • Citizenship: Republic of Korea